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Ordering & Delivery Terms

  We're sorry but our cheeses are now out of stock! But please do check back with us again as we'll be restocking ASAP.

Our cheeses are made using unpasteurised milk from our own herd of Red Devon and Channel Island crosses and handmade in our cheese making room.

Our cheeses are sold by the 100g or unless otherwise stated. If you require more than one of a selected cheese simply add the additional quantity in the PayPal shopping basket.

Red Devon Cheese Press   Red Devon Cheese Press
Price: £35.00

Easy clean scratch resistant polypropylene board. Stainless steel screw threads

22.5cm x 30cm x 28cm

Capacity: approx. 3.5 kg (single or multi mould pressing)


devon hunk   Devon Hunk
out of stock

A washed curd cheese. Deep red paste, soft spring texture, made from raw cows milk. Initial taste is mild but the unique flavours evolves in your mouth and lingers on the palate to deliver a rich, complex and mature finish.


little hunk   Little Hunks
out of stock
Waxed individual cheese. Sweeter, milder and a younger cheese than Devon Hunk. Ideal for a present or maturing yourself.


Hagley Halloumi   Hagley Halloumi
out of stock
Unlike traditional Halloumi, Hagley Halloumi is made with cows milk, so it has a softer, creamer and less salty taste than the goats milk version. Superb in salads, dry fried or as it is.


Somerset Wedge   Somerset Wedge
out of stock
A softer bodied cheese with a buttery quality and colour with a deep full cheddar flavour. The Somerset wedge is made to a traditional cheddar recipe using cows milk taken from our own herd of Red Devon and Channel Island crosses. The cheese is made into 15kg truckles and 5kg wheels clothbound, matured for 12 months or more.


Vachery   Vachery (rolled in italian herbs and spices)
out of stock
Soft fresh lactic cheese. These little cheeses are a firm favourite amongst young and old as the taste appeal to all. Lightly salted, mild, clean acidic flavour with a creamy texture. Each cheese is rolled in italian herbs and spices. Beautifully presented in individual wooden cheese boxes. A very versatile cheese, that can be sliced or spread, used to make savoury tarts, dips or sauces.


Raw Milk   Raw Milk
Price: £1.00 (1litre)
Unpasteurised milk from our own herd of Shorthorns, Guernseys and Red Devons


Red Devon Butter   Farmhouse Butter
Price: £1.50 (250G pack)
Sweet cream butter made from pasteurised double cream patted by hand into a golden curl, that tastes as good as it looks.

Natural Yogurt   Natural Yogurt
Price: £1.50 (500g)
iMade from our own fresh whole milk pure and simple with no added skim milk powder or sweeteners

Greek Yogurt   Greek Yogurt
Price: £2.00 (500g)
made the traditional way by straining whole milk yogurt and draining off some of the whey to produce a luxuriously thick and creamy product suitable for sweet or savoury dishes and great on its own or with a spoon of honey for a terrific health start to the day

  * As you are probably aware there are seasonal variations in all fresh produce and cheese is no exception. If we are unable to fullfil your order we will contact you ASAP.


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